Reset Whilst the World is Healing

‘Stay home and save lives’ is the motto of our country right now. This is needed to protect ourselves and others, and prevent the spread of this awful virus.  Sitting in my living room, doing some yoga in the back garden or a weekly trip to our local co-operative grocery store, is as far as my travel plans take me right now. But once normality returns, we can all reconnect, as kinder, more compassionate people. I’m sure so many of you, myself included, had big trips planned for this summer. Please don’t lose sight of your travel dreams. Even though they are on hold, the world is waiting for you. The world is beautiful and she is healing. Now more than ever, our appreciation and love for our beautiful planet needs to be embraced. Admire and respect nature, and Mother Nature will provide an abundance of beauty and experiences.

Open window to the world

Back in 2015 my husband and I, made the big decision to leave our jobs, pack our possessions into a rucksack and backpack across the world. Being away for fifteen months was a wild adventure, with its ups and downs. I have experienced only being able to speak to family and friends via occasional video calls and going without their hugs for such a long time. Just like our situation now, some days I would be fine, and others, it would be all I would think about. Just as I experienced all those years ago, being isolated from your ‘normal’ daily lives shines a light on what is really important to you. Many of us now have the chance to re-evaluate choices we have made and make some subtle changes to better our lives. Something as simple as one daily walk, may reconnect you with nature, improve your physical and mental health, and inspire thoughts of appreciation and gratitude. The beauty and adventure on our doorstep everyday, opens our eyes to the world and its people.

When we open our doors to the world again, let’s reconnect. Let’s embrace the cultures in our towns, cities, country and beyond. Only when you embrace the lives of others can you truly appreciate their beauty. Travel is like a key to connection; a connection to nature, a connection to people and their cultures, but ultimately a connection to yourself.

When I say travel, it doesn’t have to be aboard. Every country has beautiful travel destinations and you may have some hidden gems right on your doorstep. So wherever you live, explore, embrace, connect and grow.

Travelling changed my life. You have to be adaptive, respectful, willing to learn, and open to new experiences. Living in the moment every day was the most freeing feeling I’ve ever experienced. Meaningless worries soon faded away, and for the first time ever, I was truly embracing life. However, returning home was bitter sweet. To be reunited with our family was something we needed, as we had missed them so much, but there was now a hole in my life that remained empty. I feel many of us may experience a similar feeling once we return to our ‘new normal’ following this pandemic. It took a while for me to adapt back to ‘normal’ life as my opinion on ‘normal’ had changed, compared to those around me. The only difference now is we are all in the same boat. This collective experience could elevate us and help bring some humanity back to humanity. What will our new ‘normal’ look like? I guess the most important question to ask is, what do you want your new ‘normal’ to look like?

Travelling was the big reset I needed and it changed my priorities in life. Since returning home, I became vegan and started living a more conscious life, by trying to make sustainable and ethical choices. I created my own successful children’s yoga business and I am now pursuing my lifelong culinary dream. All of which, I believe, manifested as a result of travelling. It gave me confidence and skills I didn’t know I possessed. But most importantly, I gained a new perspective on life. I now embrace a true appreciation of our planet and a pure love for each person and creature that inhabits it. I hope others will experience the same outcome after our time in isolation. When you can’t go outside, look inwards. Make those changes you always talked about. Call that friend you keep thinking about. Cook that meal from your recipe book. Whatever will make you grow, do it. To be a part of this historical moment in time put’s a lot of things into perspective for me and I hope it does for you too.  

We are blessed to be on this earth and our time is precious. Material things come and go, but experiences stay with you for a lifetime. How will you look back on this time? Don’t fill your space with fear and uncertainty; I choose happiness, peace and kindness. There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored, full of kind, caring people, delicious foods, breath-taking views, and sights you can’t even imagine. We can use this time to appreciate all Mother Nature provides and not take her for granted. It is our duty to protect her and all that belongs to her. Our ‘new normal’ needs to be one of ownership and responsibility towards creating a sustainable, healthier planet. Travelling is something that I believe everybody should do, if you have the opportunity. But moving forward, we all need to make more conscious travel plans. Let’s admire the beauty Mother Nature has provided, and embrace her people and creatures with the respect and kindness they deserve.

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