Becoming a Vegan Chef

If you know of me, then you know that I love EVERYTHING about food. Over the years, cooking has always been something I loved to do. I would (and still do) spend hours in the kitchen, lost in the moment, creating culinary treats. I have spent so many hours daydreaming about having my food business. My little daydreams would turn me into a professional baker or restaurant owner, but in my favorite one, I have my very own cooking school. I think I am forever destined to be a teacher, no matter what path I choose. Wherever my thoughts took me, it always started with, “one day”. 

If there was a family celebration or birthday, I was the person for the cake. I love cooking and baking for others. It just fills me with joy. But after I turned vegan everything changed.  I felt I had to relearn and reinvent myself and my style of cooking. So I did. I slowly created recipes and developed an even stronger love and knowledge, not only for the ingredients I used, but the nutritional value and health benefits.

In 2016, my husband and I returned from a 15 month backpacking trip and our lifestyle choices started to change dramatically. Soon after, we became vegan and I had a total career change and set up my own yoga business. Ethical, sustainable living became our priority. I was very happy and content, but my daydreams started occurring again. But now I had a focus. I wanted my food business to not only share delicious plant-based foods, but I want to use it to spread the message of kindness.

I have to admit, as a woman in my thirties, I have always struggled with that dreaded battle of internal impostor syndrome. I’m good at hiding it from others and can normally push past it, but when it comes to food, it really seemed to stop me in my tracks. When I think about it, it is because food is my one true passion, it brings joy to my life. It is my creative outlet. It helps me show others I care. It’s the way I show myself I care. So the reality is, I am not claiming to be, nor do I want to be, a Michelin star chef. I am a home cook who wants to turn my love of food into a fulfilling career and share a message of kindness. I then found The Vegan Chef School and everything started falling into place.

This culinary school is run by Chef Day Radley. Her course elevates the skills of home cooks and creates professional vegan chefs. Learning all there is to know about vegan cuisine, the skills needed for a professional kitchen, and how to run a sustainable food business. I reached out to Day immediately and before I knew it, I was down in London standing in her professional kitchen.

Chef Day guided us over the next months though recipe developments, culinary project collaborations, and introduced us to inspiring industry professionals. The course is jam packed with opportunities and activities to develop and grow as a chef. Whether it be fermenting foods, creating raw menus or using new and interesting ingredients, my skills were growing on a weekly basis, and so was my confidence.

A big selling point for me was the Supper Club that is created and ran by students at the end of the course. A real chance to put your skills to the test. This experience was priceless. We all worked and ran the Supper Club like a fully functioning professional kitchen, but with the guidance of Chef Day. Creating my very own dish, then making 26 portions, and serving it to paying customers, was the practical experience I needed. Not only did it tie all of my knowledge and skills together, but it proved to myself, I can stand proud and confident within a professional kitchen.

I loved every second of this course and I know I can speak for the group, if given the chance, we would do it all over again. Not because we need to, but because it was so enjoyable. The fast-track vegan chef course has given me the confidence the make the career changes I always dreamed about. So if you are thinking of becoming a vegan chef or want to improve your vegan cooking skills, check out the courses available. You won’t be disappointed. For those of you that can’t travel to London, online classes are now available and more will be added in the future. So keep up to date with The Vegan Chef School so you don’t miss out.

Big plans are going on behind the scenes. So, as my business venture develops, I’ll bring you along for the journey. Keep up to date with Pinch of Kindness and see how the story unfolds!

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