Vegan meal prep with homemade kombucha

Our whole way of living has changed as we know it and many of us are now finding ourselves working from home. If you are like me, working from home has proved to be challenging. I am not the most productive person without a set structure and it has taken me a few weeks to settle into a routine. Maybe you have children and you are juggling work, school work and family time. Well, prepping your meals could be the solution to freeing up time, during the week. Trust me, if you utilise your time and plan ahead, you will reap the benefits the following days.

I know it can feel like a hassle to prep meals, but believe me, it’s worth it. Right now, I’ve had additional reasons to meal prep, I’m trying to lose weight and improve my fitness. So having meals ready in the fridge stops me making the wrong choices when I’m hungry and also allows me to plan the correct meals around my workouts. Your reasons may be different, but the positive outcome will be the same. Because I dedicated the time to making lunches and snacks, I have more free time during the week to dedicate to my fitness and personal growth. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But that extra time could be your chance to read a book, go for a walk, or play with the kids.  These are the moments and activities that will bring meaning to your days.

By having dedicated time for prepping meals you can also take this opportunity to involve your family. Let the kids get involved with the planning and cooking process. It doesn’t have to be a chore. We all bond over food, so you can use meal prepping to establish healthy habits and create happy memories.  

Here are some simple tips to help you start meal pepping:

  1. Start small by planning and making your breakfasts and lunches for 2-3 days.
  2. Dedicate a set day to do your meal prep. I choose Sundays as I tend to do my food shop on a Saturday.
  3. Ensure all of your ingredients are ready for use on meal prep day. By this, I mean pre-soak any dried beans or other ingredients you want. I leave dried beans soaking on a Saturday night (Rock ‘n’ Roll !!) so they can be cooked on the Sunday morning.
  4. Make easy meals, you already enjoy at home. As meal prepping becomes an established habit, then you can start adding new meals and snacks into the mix.
  5. Choose meals that you enjoy eating hot and cold. You might not always be able to reheat your lunch; will this stop you eating what you have made?

Here is my meal prep from today:

  • Rainbow quiche cups, that I enjoy with a small salad for as a late breakfast.
  • Coconut chickpea curry and rice.
  • Amaranth chilli con carne.
  • Zoodles and bean bolognese.
  • Tofu salad with tahini dressing.
  • Homemade Kombucha.
vegan weight loss meal prep

I usually make overnight oats for my breakfast. You can easily switch the flavour up and pack them full of goodness. I’ll share my favourite combinations with you soone soon.

Don’t over complicate things, if you do, the habit won’t stick. Decide why you want to meal prep. It’s not only the easiest way to track what you are eating, but it’s a great way to save money. If you plan your meals ahead of time, you know exactly what shopping you need. This could save you money, make your food go further, and reduce your household food waste. This is a win win situation, as saving money and looking after our planet is on everyone’s mind right now.

Wednesday 29th April 2020 is ‘Stop Food Waste Day’. If you want more information and tips on reducing your food waste, check out their website Will you make your pledge to reduce food waste?

I’ll be doing a Facebook Live recipe with @Theveganchefschool on Wednesday 29th at 12 pm (UK time), to show you a simple meal that can use up any leftover veg you have. Hopefully I’ll see you there. If you can’t tune in live, don’t worry, all of the recipes are available for you to catch up on whenever you can. I’ll also be posting the videos on here very soon!

We can each do our part to create a better future, so let’s be proactive, prep meals and be a part of the solution.

If you give meal prepping a go, don’t forget to add #pinchofkindness and tag me @pinchofkindness on Facebook and Instagram, or @thekindcook on Twitter.


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